Last Open Workout of the Season - 17.5

As most of us expected, the final week of the Open spells “pain” in the way of Thrusters and Double-unders. 17.5 is as follows: 

10 Rounds, For Time (40 min cap):

9 Thrusters (95/65)
35 Double-unders

Regardless of the time cap (probably for those athletes who don't do well with Dubs), this workout is for time and no doubt a miserable race to the finish. While many elite athletes will probably be putting up numbers that are sub-10:00, the rest of us will be shooting for the best way too make it out of this one alive. The short rep scheme on both movements leaves little rest/recovery time as you go back forth from each, which can be incredibly taxing on the lungs and create lots of lactic build-up. This is why it is important for you to know yourself as an athlete, in order to best strategize this workout. If Double-unders are your thing, then you won’t have much time between Thruster sets. Therefore you should pace yourself accordingly, perhaps breaking up the Thrusters early in the workout. If you have trouble with Double-unders, then this is an entirely different workout for you. This will give you more rest and less lactic build-up in the legs from Thrusters, but will no doubt add much more time to your score. These athletes might want to think about managing short sets of Double-unders to make up on time and keep the heart rate low. 

How do you prepare for a workout like this? If you can’t churn this one out fasted first thing in the morning then you should try to approach this workout fed, but not with a ton of food in your stomach. Perhaps a protein shake with some oats mixed in, or a mix of gatorade and protein powder would serve you well on this one, allowing you to sustain energy but without slowing you down. 
17.5 is very leg and shoulder intensive, so proper warm-up and mobility in these areas is crucial. Roll out the quads and calves (90 thrusters and 350 double-udders is a lot!). Spend time on a lacrosse ball in the shoulder girdle and lats, as well as any desired work with bands. Open up the front rack position by stretching lats and wrists sufficiently. You also want to give yourself a long warm-up for this one. Get the blood moving and your sweat going. You also want to get yourself breathing heavy before you start. Open the lungs a little. About 10 minutes before you start the workout, go back and forth between small sets of thrusters and double-udders so you can get an idea of what it’s going to feel like during the workout. you might even want to put on a little extra weight on the bar so the thrusters feel a bit lighter during game time. Most importantly, remember to BREATHE throughout the entire workout. One of the biggest mistakes athletes make - especially during these two specific movements - is forget to breathe! The reps are small, which will make you want to just hold your breath and knock out sets as fast as possible. This is a mistake. Slow down. Breathe. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast!
Lastly, create your own strategy specific to your abilities on this one and stick to it. You’d much rather be able to speed up at the end, rather than finding yourself trying to hold on for dear life. Oh yeah, and have fun! 
-The Unbroken Designs Team

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